What is important to take handover document in an Active Directory server ?

Posted by in Active Directory, Tips & Tricks, Windows, Windows Server, on January 23, 2017

What type of question needs to ask to customer when taking AD handover? or Active Directory questionnaire for transaction from Client?

There are number of question like first thing try to get the document which every client maintains it describing the details of their current infra, if that is not there then lot of work is needed. If document doesn’t exists then your first step to be contacting previous admin and ask your questions and make sue of tool like dcdiag/repadmin/netdom and also using ADTD tool to capture the environment.

РIs there is any document maintained describing detail design/architecture  current AD forest/domain.

-What is the purpose of each domain

-DC OS and client OS present in the environment

-Type of Replication topology

-No of sites, connectivity etc.

-Any major issues in the AD envirnment

-Applications dependent on AD

-3rd party applications

-Custom schema modification

There can be much more question and basically handover requires time and precious admin can give you all those thing necessary to manage current AD.